Daryl Sherman
Lost In A Crowded Place
Audiophile  ACD-357   Released: 04/01/2018


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Although her bio explains that her father, Sammy Sherman, was a first-rate jazz trombonist during the big band era, I believe in addition to his musicality he may have been a fan of archaeology and paleontology. He instilled in his beloved daughter a devotion to great American popular song and jazz, and the excitement to be experienced by exploring these art forms to the fullest. Daryl certainly accepted his challenge, and continues to explore long lost, neglected but valuable material.

Daryl is the quintessential seeker, finding immense pleasure probing the oeuvre of America's most beloved and respected composers. One would think there is little left to discover, but Daryl's tenacity and perseverance once again find the archival equivalent of 18K gold. A quick glance at the titles will inspire our shared delight in the joy of hearing melodies and lyrics, which have been hiding in the shadows. And we needn't make any effort at all. Daryl has done all the heavy lifting for us, and quite skillfully too. All we need do is sit back and savor the fruits of her research as the generous gifts they are.

Daryl Sherman's voice has often inspired comparison to the intimate playfulness of Blossom Dearie's unmistakable sound. And yes: there are overtones similar to those of the influential singer Mildred Bailey as well. I hear those qualities too, of course, but may I suggest another renowned singer Daryl reminds me of although she was a theatrical star. I hear strong elements of dear Gertrude Lawrence, the actress who collaborated so often and brilliantly with Sir Noel Coward in London and New York. Hers was also a voice of delicacy, a unique quality Mildred, Blossom, and Daryl each equally possesses: sophistication, elegance, gentle swing, and utmost respect for the composer's intent.

— Carol Sloane (*from Liner Notes)


  • Daryl Sherman (piano, vocals)
  • Jon-Erik Kellso (trumpet)
  • Don Vappie (guitar, banjo, vocal**)
  • Jesse Boyd (acoustic bass)
  • Boots Maleson (acoustic bass*)


  • The Land Of Just We Two
  • Stars Fell On Alabama
  • At Sundown
  • Lost In A Crowded Place
  • Turkquoise
  • You Go To My Head**
  • Azalea
  • The Lorelei
  • If We Never Meet Again
  • Everything But You
  • New Sun In The Sky
  • Rainbow Hill*
  • Running Time: 54:53

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