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Eureka Brass Band
New Orleans Funeral & Parade Music

American Music Records [ AMLP-70 ]    
AMLP Release Date: 08/01/2018

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  • Percy Humphrey (tp)
  • Willie Pajeaud (tp)
  • Eddie Richardson (tp)
  • Kid Sheik Cola (tp)*
  • Charles “Sonny” Henry (tbn)
  • Albert Warner (tbn)
  • George Lewis (Eb cl)
  • Ruben Roddy (as)
  • Emanuel Paul (ts)
  • Joseph Clark (so)
  • Arthur Ogle (snr)
  • Josiah Frazier (snr)*
  • Robert Lewis (bs-dr)
  • Side A:
  • Sing On
  • West Lawn Dirge
  • Lady Be Good
  • Just A Closer Walk With Thee
  • Side B:
  • Sweet Fields*
  • Garland Of Flowers
  • Panama*

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