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Marlene VerPlanck
One Dream At A Time

Audiophile Records [ ACD-340 ]    
ACD Release Date: 03/04/2010

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  • Marlene VerPlanck, v
  • Tedd Firth, p
  • Steve Laspina, sb
  • Ron Vincent, d
  • Tomoko Ohno, p
  • Ed Vodicka, o&p
  • Jennifer Leitham, v
  • Sherrie Maricle - v
  • Haven't We Met
  • In April
  • Some Fine Day
  • You Can Depend On Me
  • I'm Falling For You
  • Rio/Carioca
  • Quietly
  • There's No Holding Me
  • The Heather On The Hill
  • What A Difference A Day Made
  • But Beautiful
  • As Far As I'm Concerned
  • Moon Dreams
  • Invitation To The Blues
  • One Dream At A Time

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