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Cat-ID: SACD-171

Kris Tokarski - Classic Rags New Orleans Style

Recording Artists: Kris Tokarski (p) ;cassidy Holden (b); Hal Smith (d) 2016 ...

Songs: Pastime Rag #3; Heliotrope Bouquet; Kinklets; Peacherine Rag; Elite Syncopations... and more.


Cat-ID: PCD-7175

Danny Stiles 5 ft. Bill Watrous - In Tandem

Recording Artists: Danny Stiles (trumpet, Flugel Horn); Bill Watrous (trombone); Derek Smith (piano...

Songs: Dirty Dan; It Had To By You; Blue Room; Myrtle Lee; In A Mellow Tone; The Skippe... and more.


Cat-ID: PCD-7172

Junior Mance Trio - Deep

Recording Artists: Junior Mance (piano); Martin Rivera (bass); Walter Bolden (drums) ...

Songs: 9:20 Special; Georgia On My Mind; Small Fry; In The Evening; I Want A Little Gir... and more.


Cat-ID: PCD-7171-DR

The George Masso Sextet - No Frills, Just Music

Recording Artists: George Masso (tb); Glenn Zottola (t); Chris Woods (ts); Derek Smith (p); Linc Mi...

Songs: No Moon At All; Stairway To The Stars; Baubles, Bangles And Beads; Destination S... and more.


Cat-ID: PCD-7170-DR

Ross Tompkins - Symphony

Recording Artists: Ross Tompkins (p); Herb Ellis (g); John Heard (b); Jake Hanna (d); ...

Songs: Symphony; Emily; When The World Was Young (solo Piano); You Are My Sunshine; Bea... and more.


Cat-ID: PCD-7169-DR

Phil Wilson Sextet - Boston New York Axis

Recording Artists: Phil Wilson (tb); Vic Dickenson (tb); Phil Bodner (ts); John Bunch (p); Linc Mil...

Songs: Don't Worry 'bout The Flavor; Lonesome Old Town; Dancing On The Ceiling; Tin Roo... and more.


Cat-ID: PCD-7168-DR

Bill Perkins - The Other Bill…

Recording Artists: Bill Perkins (ts); Chuck Peterson (ts); Cal Lewiston (t); Al Plank (p); Dean Rei...

Songs: Oh Look At Me Now; Kirsten; Mohawk; Blues Lim-rik; Bye Bye Baby; Last Dance; Eas... and more.


Cat-ID: PCD-7167-DR

Ross Tompkins - L.A. After Dark

Recording Artists: Ross Tompkins (p); Herb Ellis (g); John Heard (b); Nick Ceroli (d); ...

Songs: I'll Walk Alone; What'll I Do; I Was Doin' Alright; L.a. After Dark (hollywood B... and more.


Cat-ID: PCD-7166-DR

Danny Stiles-Bill Watrous Five / One More Time

Recording Artists: Danny Stiles (t); Bill Watrous (tb); Derek Smith (p); Milt Hinton (b); Mousey Al...

Songs: Groovin' With Sweet Face; Stardust; Tangerine; I Can't Get Started; Baird's Big ... and more.


Cat-ID: PCD-7164-DR

Butch Miles - Swings Some Standards

Recording Artists: Glenn Zottola (t,fl); Chris Woods (as); Al Klink (ts); John Bunch (p); Linc Mill...

Songs: I May Be Wrong; Where Or When; Under A Blanket Of Blue; Keepin' Out Of Mischief ... and more.


Cat-ID: PCD-7162-DR

Brooks Kerr / Paul Quinichette Quartet - Prevue

Recording Artists: Brooks Kerr (p); Paul Quinichette (ts); Gene Ramey (b); Sam Woodyard (d); Anne H...

Songs: Lady Be Good; These Foolish Things; The Blues I Like To Hear; Three Little Words... and more.


Cat-ID: PCD-7160-DR

Bill Watrous - Watrous in Hollywood

Recording Artists: Bill Watrous (tb); Danny Stiles (tp,flg); Joe Romano (ts); Ross Tompkins (p); Jo...

Songs: Beaver Power; The More I See You; Lights Out; Skippin'; Blue Bossa; Why Did I Ch... and more.


Cat-ID: PCD-7159-DR

The Danny Stiles Five - In Tandem into the 80's

Recording Artists: Danny Stiles (t); Bill Watrous (tb); Derek Smith (p, Ep); Michael Morris (b); Bo...

Songs: Cocktails For Two; I'll Never Stop Loving You; Cheryl; Drew's In The Closet; Shi... and more.


Cat-ID: PCD-7158-DR

Cal Collins - Ohio Boss Guitar

Recording Artists: Cal Collins (g); Carmen Leggio (ts); John Bunch (p); Michael Moore (b); Connie K...

Songs: Limehouse Blues;for All We Know;'tis Autumn;young & Foolish;a Pretty Girl Is Lik... and more.


Cat-ID: PCD-7157-DR

Lloyd Ellis - Las Vegas – 3 A.M.

Recording Artists: Lloyd Ellis (g); Carl Fontana (tb); Charlie Mclean (as); Bob Badgley (b); Stan H...

Songs: Sweet Georgia Brown;all The Things You Are;blues To Go;las Vegas Blues;it's A Wo... and more.


Cat-ID: PCD-7156-DR

Howard Alden - Swinging into Prominence

Recording Artists: Norris Turney (ts); John Bunch (p); Howard Alden (g); Michael Moore (b); Jake Ha...

Songs: Make Believe;blue Because Of You;intimacy Of The Blues;the Seventh Day;you're My... and more.


Cat-ID: PCD-7155-DR

The Bill Watrous Quartet - Roaring Back into New York, New York

Recording Artists: Bill Watrous (tb);derek Smith (p);linc Milliman (b);ronnie Bedford (d);...

Songs: I Should Care; My Ideal; Limehouse Blues; Serenade In Blue; I've Got A Crush On ... and more.


Cat-ID: PCD-7049-DR

J. R. Monterose - Lush Life

Recording Artists: J.r. Monterose (ts); Hod O'brien (p); Teddy Kotick (b); Jimmy Wormworth (d); ...

Songs: Lush Life; Giant Steps; My Old Flame; Luan; Evelyn's Delight; Marty's Place... and more.


Cat-ID: PCD-7045

Don Friedman - Love Music

Recording Artists: Don Friedman (piano); Frank Luther (bass); Billy Hart (drums) ...

Songs: Where Are You; Smoke Gets In Your Eyes; The Way We Were; The Song Is You; Easy L... and more.


Cat-ID: PCD-7041-DR

Derek Smith Trio - My Favorite Things

Recording Artists: Derek Smith (p); George Mraz (b); Billy Hart (d); ...

Songs: My Favorite Things; Gravy Waltz; Charade; More Than You Know; D And E; On A Clea... and more.


Cat-ID: PCD-7039

Walter Norris Trio - Stepping On Cracks

Recording Artists: Walter Norris (p);george Mraz (b);ronnie Bedford (d); ;recorded July 17, 1978 ...

Songs: Stepping On Cracks; Falling In Love With Love; Cherokee; Giant Steps; A Child Is... and more.


Cat-ID: PCD-7038

George Mraz Trio - Plucking & Bowing

Recording Artists: George Mraz (b); Tom Garvin (p); Peter Donald (d) ...

Songs: Mitch; Jane; I Should Care; Blues For Sarka; Fifteen; Easy Living; Alone Togethe... and more.


Cat-ID: PCD-7032-DR

Don Friedman - The Progressive

Recording Artists: Don Friedman (p); Frank Luther (b); Billy Hart (d); ...

Songs: Au Privave; Stella By Starlight; I Love You; What Are You Doing With The Rest Of... and more.


Cat-ID: PCD-7027-DR

Derek Smith Trio - The Jitterbug Waltz

Recording Artists: Derek Smith (p); Rufus Reid (b); Connie Kay (d); ...

Songs: I'm Getting Sentimental Over You; Bluesette; Georgia On My Mind; The Jitterbug W... and more.


Cat-ID: PCD-7025-DR

Don Friedman - Jazz Dancing

Recording Artists: Don Friedman (p); Frank Luther (b); Ronnie Bedford (d); ...

Songs: Donna Lee; Just Friends; Billie's Bounce; Well You Needn't; Jazz Dancing; Woody ... and more.


Cat-ID: PCD-7021-7023-DR

Sadik Hakim - A Pearl for Errol / - A Prayer for Liliane

Recording Artists: Sadik Hakim (p); Errol Walters (b); Taro Okamoto (d); ...

Songs: Waltz With Me; Why So?; A Pearl For Errol; Down By The Ferry Dock; Milestones; L... and more.


Cat-ID: PCD-7012-DR

Sir Roland Hanna - Time for the Dancers

Recording Artists: Sir Roland Hanna (p); George Mraz (b); Richard Pratt (d); ...

Songs: Cheryl; Time For The Dancers; Flight To Ann's Ville; Ode To A Potato Plant; Jed;... and more.


Cat-ID: PCD-7011

John Bunch - It's Love In The Spring

Recording Artists: John Bunch (p); Cal Collins (g); George Mraz (b); ; ;recorded March 1, 1977 ...

Songs: It's Love In The Spring; Celia; Cincinnati Slick; Emily; Struttin' With Some Bar... and more.


Cat-ID: PCD-7008

Chuck Wayne - Traveling

Recording Artists: Chuck Wayne (g); Warren Chiasson (vb)*; Jay Leonhart (b); Ronnie Bedford (d); ; ...

Songs: I Concentrate On You *; When Lights Are Low *; The Summer Knows *; Traveling *; ... and more.


Cat-ID: PCD-7006-DR

Ray Turner - The Legendary

Recording Artists: Ray Turner (ts); Hank Jones (p); George Duvivier (b); Ronnie Bedford (d); ...

Songs: Three Little Words; Embraceable You; Quiet Nights; Exactly Like You; Medley: Sky... and more.


Cat-ID: PCD-7004


Recording Artists: Hank Jones, P); Richard Davis,(sb); Ronnie Bedford, (d); Ray Rivera, (g) On *; ...

Songs: Majorca*; What Am I Here For?; The Bad And The Beautiful; But Beautiful; You Are... and more.


Cat-ID: JCD-413-DR

Lou Stein Jazz Band

Recording Artists: Lou Stein (p); Warren Vaché (c); Vic Dickerson (tb); Kenny Davern (cl); Al Luca...

Songs: Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans (live); Blues (live); I Don't Stan... and more.


Cat-ID: JCD-412-DR

Butch Thompson / Chet Ely - Mr. Jelly Rolls On

Recording Artists: Butch Thompson (p); Chet Ely (v); ...

Songs: Winin' Boy Blues No. 1; Mr. Jelly Lord; Aaron Harris; Michigan Water Blues; Mami... and more.


Cat-ID: JCD-411-DR

Allan Vaché - High Speed Swing

Recording Artists: Allan Vaché (cl); John Sheridan (p); Howard Elkins (g); Jack Wyatt (b); Kevin H...

Songs: Swing '39; If I Could Be With You; Emily; I've Started All Over Again; China Boy... and more.


Cat-ID: JCD-410-DR

Allan Vaché - Jazz Moods

Recording Artists: Jim Cullum, Jr. (c); Mike Pittsley (tb); Allan Vaché (cl); John Sheridan (p); H...

Songs: The Man I Love; Everything Happens To Me; Kathy, Of Course; It's All Right With ... and more.


Cat-ID: JCD-409-DR

Bobby Gordon - Bobby Gordon ft Jim Cullum Jr.

Recording Artists: Bobby Gordon (cl); Jim Cullum Jr. (c); ...

Songs: Eccentric Rag; I'd Climb The Highest Mountain; I Can't Beleve That You're In Lov... and more.


Cat-ID: JCD-408-DR

Doc Cheatham - It's a Good Life

Recording Artists: Doc Cheatham (t)(v); Chuck Folds (p); Al Hall (b); Jackie Williams (d); ...

Songs: Struttin' With Some Barbecue; She's Funny That Way; It Don't Mean A Thing (if It... and more.


Cat-ID: JCD-405-DR

Bob Wilber Quintet - Atlanta Blues

Recording Artists: Bob Wilber (as); Evan Christopher (cl); Mark Shane (p); Phil Flanigan (b); Eddie...

Songs: Too Marvelous For Words; September Song; Love Nest; Emmaline; The Wrath Of Grape... and more.


Cat-ID: JCD-403-DR

Jim Cullum's - Happy Jazz Band - Happy Landing!

Recording Artists: Jim Cullum, Jr. (c); Gene Mckinney (tb); Mark Hess (tb); Bobby Gordon (cl); Clif...

Songs: Black Bottom Stomp; Squeeze Me; Some Sunny Day; Love Come Back To Me; Pee Wee's ... and more.


Cat-ID: JCD-402-DR

Jim Cullum's - Happy Jazz Band - Listen Some More

Recording Artists: Jim Cullum, Jr. (c); Gene Mckinney (tb); Mark Hess (tb); Bobby Gordon (cl); Clif...

Songs: The Eel; Playin' Hooky; Westmoreland Weave; Savoy Blues; All My Love; Kansas Cit... and more.


Cat-ID: JCD-401-DR

Jess Stacy - Blue Notion

Recording Artists: Jess Stacy (p); Bob Casey (b); George Wettling (d); ; ; ; ; ; ;recording Info...

Songs: Rosetta; After You've Gone; After You've Gone (alternate Version); Oh, Lady Be G... and more.


Cat-ID: JCD-387-DR

Trevor Richards New Orleans Trio - Body and Soul

Recording Artists: Denise Gordon (v); Trevor Richards (d); Peter Müller (cl,ts); Butch Thompson (p...

Songs: Exactly Like You; The Song Is Ended, But The Melody Lingers On; Body And Soul; P... and more.


Cat-ID: JCD-154-DR

Banu Gibson On Tour

Recording Artists: Banu Gibson (v); ...

Songs: Everybody Loves My Baby (live); Basin Street Blues (live); Cake Walkin' Babies F... and more.


Cat-ID: JCD-120-DR

Jim Dapogny's Chicago Jazz Band

Recording Artists: Jim Dapogny* (p,dir); Paul Klinger (c); Bob Smith (tb); Peter Ferran (cl,as); Ru...

Songs: At The Jazz Band Ball; Four Or Five Times; Oh Peter, You're So Nice; Dreamer's B... and more.


Cat-ID: CCD-62-DR

Erskine Butterfield and his Blue Boys / Tuesday at Ten

Recording Artists: Erskine Butterfield (p,dir); Bill Graham (t); Jimmy Lytell (cl); Carmen Mastren ...

Songs: Tuesday At Ten; A Zoot Suit; Blackberry Jam; Something's Bound To Happen; Lighth... and more.


Cat-ID: CCD-175-DR

Frankie Carle - Ivory Stride 1946-47

Recording Artists: Frankie Carle (p)(arr); ...

Songs: Missouri Waltz; Down By The Old Mill Stream; Honeysuckle Rose; I Look At Heaven;... and more.


Cat-ID: CCD-138

Frankie Carle - At The Piano - That Golden Touch

Recording Artists: Frankie Carle, Piano; With Guitar, Bass And Drums; ...

Songs: Star Dust; On The Sunny Side Of The Street; Love Is Just Around The Corner; Make... and more.


Cat-ID: BCD-74-DR

Joe Watkins - Last Will and Testament

Recording Artists: Yoshio Toyama (c); Frank Demond (tr); Tommy Sancton (cl); Lars Edegran (p); Keik...

Songs: Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone; Careless Love; Lilly Of The Valley; In... and more.


Cat-ID: BCD-561/562

Don Suhor - New Orleans Clarinet and Sax Virtuoso

Recording Artists: Amy Sharpe Trio; Gary Burghoff's Mardi Gras Celebration Band; Topsy Chapman & Th...

Songs: disc One;petite Fleur; Crazy Rhythm; Sweet Georgia Brown; Sweet Lorraine;... and more.


Cat-ID: BCD-540-DR

The Best of Topsy Chapman

Recording Artists: Topsy Chapman (v);the New Orleans Blue Serenaders;koen De Cauter;rudy Balliu Soc...

Songs: Out Of Nowhere;always;it's Right Here For You;i Cried For You;try A Little Tende... and more.


Cat-ID: BCD-538-DR

Pete Fountain 1955-1957

Recording Artists: Pete Fountain (cl); ...

Songs: Shine; Sidewalks Of New York; Hindustan; Till We Meet Again; Panama; Of All The ... and more.


Cat-ID: BCD-519

Yerba Buena Stompers - Take Us To The Land Of Jazz   ***OUT OF STOCK***

Recording Artists: Duke Heitger, Tp; Leon Oakley, Tp; Orange Kellin, Cl; Tom Bartlett, Tbn; Ray Skj...

Songs: Doctor Jazz; Riverside Blues; Dippermouth Blues; Take Me To The Land Of Jazz; Da... and more.


Cat-ID: BCD-291-DR

Kid Thomas in England

Recording Artists: Kid Thomas* (t); Louis Nelson (tb); Sammy Rimington (cl); Emanuel Sayles (bj,v);...

Songs: Tippi Tippi Tin; All Of Me; I Love You; Mama Don't Allow; Exactly Like You; Wini... and more.


Cat-ID: BCD-241-DR

The Louis Nelson New Orleans All Stars - April in New Orleans

Recording Artists: Louis Nelson (tb); Wendell Brunious (t); Sammy Rimington (cl); Danny Barker (bj)...

Songs: Button Up Your Overcoat;this Love Of Mine;i'm Sorry I Made You Cry;bill Bailey;c... and more.


Cat-ID: BCD-24-DR

Kid Thomas and the Algiers Stompers with the Hall Brothers Jazz Band

Recording Artists: Kid Thomas (t); Russ Hall (tb); Butch Thompson (cl); Emanuel Paul (ts); Stan Hal...

Songs: Gettysburg March; Algiers Strut; Big Lunch Blues; My Blue Heaven; Sister Kate; O... and more.


Cat-ID: BCD-213-DR

Sam Lee and Friends - In Town

Recording Artists: Sammy Rimington (as, Cl, Dir); Lloyd Lambert (b); Sam Lee (cl, Ts); Stanley Step...

Songs: Hi Ho Silver; Shoe Shine Boy; Roses Of Picardy; Just A Closer Walk With Thee; Je... and more.


Cat-ID: BCD-206-DR

Lillian Boutte / Thomas L'Etienne - A Fine Romance

Recording Artists: Lillian Boutte* (v); Thomas L'etienne (cl,as); Jeanette Kimball (p); Frank Field...

Songs: A Fine Romance; Until The Real Thing Comes Along; Secret Love; Stars Fell On Ala... and more.


Cat-ID: BCD-194-DR

Wendell Brunious - In The Tradition

Recording Artists: Wendell Brunious (t); Louis Nelson (tb); Sammy Rimington (cl); Jeanette Kimball ...

Songs: Bugle Boy March;a Fool Such As I;maryland, Maryland;blues Eyes Crying In The Rai... and more.


Cat-ID: BCD-146-DR

Wallace Davenport - Darkness On The Delta

Recording Artists: Wallace Davenport (t); Walter "slide" Harris* (tb); Herb Hall (cl); John Eaton* ...

Songs: Darkness On The Delta; Sugar Babe; Melancholy; Just A Closer Walk With Thee; My ... and more.


Cat-ID: BCD-121-DR

Armand Hug & His New Orleans Dixielanders

Recording Artists: Armand Hug (p); Eddie Miller (ts); Joe Capraro (g); Chink Martin (b); Arthur "mo...

Songs: A Dixieland Jam Session; Easy Goin' Blues; Mr. Jelly Lord; Mad; I Never Knew Wha... and more.


Cat-ID: BCD-115

Pete Fountain and Al Hirt - New Orleans Jazz

Recording Artists: Al Hirt, Tpt; Pete Fountain, Clt; Eddie Miiler,tnr; Abe Lincoln,tbn; Stan Wright...

Songs: Farewell Blues; Jazz Me Blues; March Of The Bobcats; At The Jazz Band Ball; Cher... and more.


Cat-ID: BCD-107

Mardi Gras Parade Music From New Orleans

Recording Artists: The Lawson-haggart Jazz Band; The Young Men Of New Orleans; Thomas Jefferson/ray...

Songs: South Rampart Street Parade; Go To The Mardi Gras; Moose Parade; Mardi Gras Para... and more.


Cat-ID: BCD-102-DR

Johnny Wiggs & His New Orleans Kings

Recording Artists: The New Orleans Kings Are: Santo Pecora, Lester Bouchon, Raymond Burke, Paul Bar...

Songs: Tiger Rag; Ole Miss; Panama; St. Louis Blues; Jazz Me Blues; Tin Roof Blues; Mil... and more.


Cat-ID: AMCD-140

Bunk Johnson - Rare and Unissued Masters 1943-46 Vol 2

Recording Artists: Bunk Johnson Interview 1943; Bunk Johnson Piano Solo 1943; Bunk Johnson & Be...

Songs: Ballin' The Jack; Good Morning Blues; I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate;... and more.


Cat-ID: AMCD-100/101

George Lewis - New Orleans Stompers 1943

Recording Artists: George Lewis (cl); Avery 'kid' Howard (tr); Jim Robinson (tbn); Lawrence Marrero...

Songs: disc One:; Climax Rag (mx-101); New Orleans Hula (mx-102); Don't Go 'way ... and more.


Cat-ID: ACD-363

Ronny Whyte - Whyte Witchcraft

Recording Artists: Cecilia Coleman Big Band:; Saxophones:; Daniel Glaude: Alto 1, Flute (alto Solo ...

Songs: Too Good To Talk About (ccbb); It Amazes Me (ccbb); The Best Is Yet To Come (... and more.


Cat-ID: ACD-359-DR

Thais Clark - Don't You Feel My Leg

Recording Artists: Thais Clark (v); ...

Songs: Oh Papa (oh Daddy);don't You Feel My Leg;cakewalking Babies From Home;waiting Fo... and more.


Cat-ID: ACD-358-DR

New Orleans Jazz Ladies

Recording Artists: Thais Clark (v); Topsy Chapman (v); ...

Songs: I Ain't Got Nobody; You Don't Know; In The Sweet Bye And Bye; Where He Leads Me;... and more.


Cat-ID: ACD-357

Daryl Sherman - Lost In A Crowded Place

Recording Artists: Daryl Sherman (piano, Vocals); Jon-erik Kellso (trumpet); Don Vappie (guitar, Ba...

Songs: The Land Of Just We Two; Stars Fell On Alabama; At Sundown; Lost In A Crowded Pl... and more.


Cat-ID: ACD-356-DR

Maxine Sullivan - World Broadcast Recordings 1940-41

Recording Artists: Maxine Sullivan (v); John Kirby (b); Charlie Shavers (t); Russell Procope (as); ...

Songs: Loch Lomond; If I Had A Ribbon Bow; That Lonely Tune; Who Is Sylvia; There I Go;... and more.


Cat-ID: ACD-354/355

Peggy Lee - World Broadcast Recordings 1955

Recording Artists: Peggy Lee (v); Pete Candoli (t); Stella Castellucci (harp); Gene Dinovi (p); Bil...

Songs: disc One;that Old Black Magic; My Romance; Between The Devil And The Deep... and more.


Cat-ID: ACD-353

Ronny Whyte - Shades Of Whyte

Recording Artists: Ronny Whyte - Piano, Vocals & Arrangements; Boots Maleson - Bass; Sean Harkness ...

Songs: This Song Is You; Isn't That The Thing To Do?; It's Time For Love; Nina Never Kn... and more.


Cat-ID: ACD-351-DR

Rebecca Kilgore - Sings the Music of Fats Waller

Recording Artists: Rebecca Kilgore (v); ...

Songs: How Jazz Was Born; If It Ain't Love; What's Your Name?; I Hate To Leave You Now;... and more.


Cat-ID: ACD-350-DR

Rebecca Kilgore with Hal Smith's California Swing Cats

Recording Artists: Rebecca Killgore (v,g); Hal Smith (d); Tim Laughlin (cl); Chris Dawson (p); Tom ...

Songs: With Plenty Of Money And You; 'deed I Do; Sleepy Time Down South; Swing, Brother... and more.


Cat-ID: ACD-349-DR

Rebecca Kilgore with Hal Smith's Rhythmakers

Recording Artists: Rebecca Kilgore (v,g); Hal Smith (d); Bobby Gordon (cl); Marc Caparone (c); John...

Songs: Keep A Song In Your Soul; Delta Bound; I'm Crazy 'bout My Baby; Answer My Heart;... and more.


Cat-ID: ACD-346-DR

Cliff 'Ukulele Ike' Edwards - Home On The Range

Recording Artists: Cliff 'ukulele Ike' Edwards (uke, V);lang-worth Broadcast Recordings ...

Songs: Home On The Range;carry Me Back To Old Virginny;old Faithfull;silver Threads Amo... and more.


Cat-ID: ACD-345-DR

Cassandra Wilson - Moonglow

Recording Artists: Cassandra Wilson (v);...

Songs: Skylark; Two Sleepy People; Moonglow... and more.


Cat-ID: ACD-224


Recording Artists: Shirley Horn (p); Charles Ables (sb); Steve Williams (d) 1987; ...

Songs: Since I Fell For You; You're My Thrill; How Long Has This Been Going On?; My, Ho... and more.


Cat-ID: ACD-195

Carol Sloane - Sophisticated Lady

Recording Artists: Carol Sloan (v); Roland Hanna (p); George Mraz (b); Richie Pratt (d); ; Recorde...

Songs: Take The 'a' Train; Medley: I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart / Do Nothing Till Yo... and more.


Cat-ID: ACD-188

Jimmy Rowles - George Mraz - Music's The Only Thing That's On My Mind

Recording Artists: Jimmy Rowles (p,v); George Mraz (b); ;1976; ...

Songs: Music's The Only Thing That's On My Mind; Pretty Eyes; You Started Something; I ... and more.


Cat-ID: ACD-181

Johnny Hartman - This One's For Tedi

Recording Artists: Johnny Hartman (v);tony Monte (p); Lorne Lofsky (g); Chris Conner (sb); Craig "b...

Songs: That's All; They Can't Take That Away From Me; More I Cannot Wish You; Wait 'til... and more.


Cat-ID: ACD-154


Recording Artists: Maxine Sullivan, V; Tracks 11-21: Bob Haggart Quintet) ; Dardanelle (p); Sil Aus...

Songs: My Very Good Friend, The Milkman; This Heart Of Mine; Come Rain Or Come Shine; Y... and more.

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