Jim Cullum's
Happy Jazz Band
Listen Some More
Jazzology Records  JCD-402-DR   Released: 08/27/2015

This title is not currently available on Compact Disc but can be downloaded or streamed from digital stores:

  • Jim Cullum, Jr. (c)
  • Gene McKinney (tb)
  • Mark Hess (tb)
  • Bobby Gordon (cl)
  • Cliff Gillette (p)
  • Jim Newell (g)
  • Buddy Apfel (b)
  • Harvey Kindervater (d)
  • Kevin Hess (d)

  • The Eel
  • Playin' Hooky
  • Westmoreland Weave
  • Savoy Blues
  • All My Love
  • Kansas City Stomp
  • Wherever There's Love
  • High Society
  • Winin' Boy Blues

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