Circle Records  CCD-47


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  • Maxine Sullivan, vocals
  • John Kirby, leader and string bass
  • Charlie Shavers, trumpet
  • Russell Procope, alto saxophone
  • Buster Bailey, clarinet
  • Billy Kyle, piano
  • Cozy Cole, drums


  • Loch Lomond
  • Humoresque*
  • If I Had a Ribbon Bow*
  • Given the Lady*
  • That Lonely Tune
  • Rustle of Spring
  • Who Is Sylvia?*
  • Arabian Nightmare*
  • There I Go
  • Valse (alternate take)
  • Red River Valley
  • I Give You My Word
  • Haydn Gets Hep*
  • The Same Old Story
  • Feeling In A Mellow Mood*
  • As the Tide Was Flowing In*
  • Bounce of the Sugar Plum Fairy
  • Blue Fantasy*
  • Raggle Taggle Gypsies*
  • Yours Forever
  • Moly Malone
  • Amapola#
  • Effervescent Blues#*
  • Call Me Happy#*
  • If I Had a Ribbon Bow (alternate take)
  • Down On The Remant
  • Twelve Tracks are issued for the first time. Please note (#) indicates that the trumpet solos by Shavers contain distortion which is on the original Lang-Worth recordings. They are included for completeness of material and we think you will find them to have musical value.
  • (Tunes on LP CLP-471 no longer available).

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