Knocky Parker
Dick Wellstood and The
Galvanized Washboard Band
In Gay Old New Orleans
GHB Records  BCD-1   Released: 06/01/1989

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  • Grandpa's Spells, Wolverine Blues, Parker, Kratka, Eph Resnick, Trombone
  • Crazy Kid Blues, Parker And Kratka, Wildflower Rag, Grace And Beauty Rag, Parker, Solo Piano
  • Pretty Baby, Parker, Resnick, St Clair, Kratka, Harry Drachman, Trumpet
  • Mel Hill, Clarinet, Bob Sann, Banjo
  • Storyville Joys, Dick Wellstood, Piano, Irv Kratka, Washboard
  • Don't Forget To Mess Around, Wellstood, Kratka, George Bineth, Trumpet
  • Eph Resnick, Trombone
  • Joe Muranyi, Clarinet & Vocal
  • Milneburg Joys, Mama Done Stayed Out, St Philip St Breakdown, What A Friend We Have In Jesus, Blame It On The Blues, Come Back Sweet Papa, Riverboat Shuffle, Coney Island Washboard, When I Grow Too Old To Dream, Once Or Twice, Marie, I've Found A New Baby, Give It Up, Boula Boula
  • Knocky Parker, Piano
  • Cy Stclair, Bass
  • Irv Kratka, Drums
  • The Galvanized Washboard Band: Peter Ecklund, Cornet, Howard Vidal, Trombone
  • Tommy Sancton, Clarinet
  • Mark Finks, Banjo, Guitar & Vocals, Arthur Hovey, Tuba
  • Julie Hovey, Washboard
  • Kathy Finks Plays Tambourine On Several Tracks
  • (59:21)

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