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Cat-ID: ACD-335

Joyce Breach - Remembering Mabel Mercer, volume 3.

Recording Artists: Joyce Breach, V; Keith Ingham, P; Jeff Tillman, G; John Beal, Sb; Russell George & Robin Bushman, Vn; Laurie Goldstein, Bassoon 2006...

Songs: Days Gone By; I'll Be Easy To Find; Experiment; You're Nearer; So In Love; You Fascinate Me So; Isn't It A Pity?; My Resistance Is Low; Blue Moon; ...


Cat-ID: ACD-161


Recording Artists: Loonis Mcglohon (p); Terry Lassiter (sb); Jim Lackey (d) 1976...

Songs: By Myself; (ah, The Apple Trees) When The World Was Young; When In Rome; Someone To Light Up My Life; The Door Opened; Dancing On The Ceiling; Is It Al...


Cat-ID: ACD-171/172 (D)


Recording Artists: Hugh Shannon (v, P); David Braynard (sb); Jim Fitzsimon (d); Larry Carr (p*); Bobby Hackett (cnt*); Burt Farber (p); Bill Breslin (sb); Marc Messins (d...

Songs: (disc 1); Razzle Dazzle; Everything Happens To Me; Fun To Be Fooled; I Never Do Anything Twice; Ace In The Hole; The Other Side Of The Tracks; Miss Oti...

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