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Date Posted: 2007-10-26


Many Thanks for those who responded to our last Jazz Beat dedicated to the 77 Record label which we purchased from Doug Dobell. For those who have not received their copies let us and we’ll send another copy of the magazine.
We were shocked to hear about the death of Jacques Gauthe who died from a heart attack while on tour in his home town of Gaujac in France at the age of 69. Jacques was one of the finest and most creative clarinet and soprano saxophone player in New Orleans. He died in his sleep on June 10th, 2007.
Now on to our new releases .First on Jazzology we have 6 new releases. So here they are now. First we have JCD- 353 Rick Bogart. Rick first record for Jazzology under the name of Rick Hardeman JCD-263. Rick plays a nice and resonant sound of clarinet. He’s accompanied on his new CD by Don Edmonds or James Moore on piano; Morris Edward, Leonard Gaskin or Rick Doll on Bass and Steve Little or Rick Doll on drums.
Next on Jazzology is JCD-354, The Jim Cullum Jazz Band, HOT and this is a truly hot session that goes with our hot weather this summer. The world renowned Jim Cullum is on cornet; Randy Reinhart on trombone and flugelhorn; Allen Vache on clarinet; Cliff Gillette on piano; Robert Black on banjo; Buddy Apfel on tuba; Bill Chapman on bass and Mike Manessa on drums. This session was record in San Antonio, TX in 1976. This is a real hot one and I assume that it make your enterprise.
The next one is JCD-356 and JCD-356. “Mugsy Remembered” in Concert, Alan Gresty/Brian White Ragtimers, volume 1 and volume 2. These are two separate CD’s and they will excite as much as our previous Gresty/White tribute to Mugsy Spanier and two others dedicated to Bob Crosby’s Bob Cats. I highly recommend these two CD’s. They are shades of those 1939 Bluebird records featuring …. of Mugsy Spanier.
The next release on Jazzology is JCD-359 Guillaume Nouaux Quintet Drummin’ Man. This young drummer from France is paying tribute to his idol Gene Krupa. This will bring memories of the fine drummer Krupa.
Finally on Jazzology we have JCD-363 Doc Evans At The Gas Light. This fine CD is reissued from our Audiophile label recorded at the Gas Light Club .The second half of the CD was a reissue of the Doc Evan LP Classic of the 20’s. So here we have the fine Doc Evans and his great band. A superb CD I highly recommend.
Now on to our GHB label where we have 5 new releases. We have first CD-417 The New Hot Frogs Puttin’ On The Ritz.. This new CD will prove how the Hot Frogs have achieved such respect and support from those who have followed this band for years at various west coast festivals. Our readers still recall the superb CD we issued by Pat Yankee and The New Hot Frogs BCD-407 which has been considered to be one of the best record on our label featuring Pat Yankee. This new CD will not disappoint you.
Next on GHB is BCD-463 Jack McLaughlin and His Sweet Adeline Quartet Back in The Dance Halls. Jack is a fine clarinetist from Australia who plays in the very rigid style of early New Orleans clarinetists. He performs at the Fritzel’s Jazz Clun on Bourbon Street during our French Quarter Festival in mid April.
Now on GHB we have Uncle Lionel with the Lars Edegran bad featuring Evan Christopher on clarinet; Tom Fischer on Alto, tenor Saxes and clarinet, Lars Edegran on tenor guitar, Steve Blailock on guitar and Mark Brooks on bass. Beautifully recorded in our Audiophile Studios in 2001 many of you will hear uncle Lionel Batiste for the first time on record . Uncle Lionel has resided and performed in the French Quarter for years and liked by all jazz fans

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