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Circle Records [ CCD-905 ]    

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  • Paul "Hezzie" Trietsch, song whistle, washboard, drums & toys
  • Charles Otto "Gabe" Ward, clarinet
  • Ken "Rudy" Trietsch, guitar
  • Frank Kettering, bass, guitar or Gil Taylor, bass
  • And Everybody Sings
  • I Like Mountain Music
  • My Blue Heaven
  • Wah-Hoo
  • What Can I Say After I Say I'm Sorry?
  • The Coat And The Pants Do All The Work And The Vest Gets All The Gravy
  • Sweet Jennie Lee
  • Pretty Baby
  • My Little Bimbo Down On The Bamboo Isle
  • Toot, Toot, Tootsie
  • Some Days You Can't Make A Nickel
  • Breezin' Along With The Breeze
  • Meet Me Tonight In The Cow Shed
  • Texas Blues
  • What's The Good Word, Mr Bluebird
  • Skeleton Rag
  • Put On Your Slippers And Fill Up Your Pipe (You're Not Going Bye-Bye Tonight)
  • Someday You'll Want Me To Want You
  • I Like Bananas Because They Have No Bones
  • When You Wore A Tulip and I Wore a Big Red Rose
  • Since We Put The Radio Out In The Hen House
  • Cuddle Up A Little Closer
  • Beer Barrel Polka
  • Nobody's Sweetheart
  • That's What I Learned In College
  • Running Wild (World Broadcasting Transcriptions) (58:37)

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