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Louis Armstrong
The Paramount Recording 1923-1925

Black Swan Records [ BSLP-43 ]    
BSLP Release Date: 08/01/2018

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  • King Oliver's Jazz Band
  • (Chicago 1923)
  • Ma Rainey and her Georgia Jazz Band
  • (NY 1924)
  • Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra
  • (NY 1924)
  • Trixie Smith and her Down Home Syncopators
  • (NY 1925)
  • Coot Grant and Wesley Wilson
  • acc by Fletcher Henderson's Orchestra
  • (NY 1925)
  • Side A:
  • Mabel's Dream (Tk1)
  • The Southern Stomps (Tk2)
  • Riverside Blues (Tk2)
  • See See Rider (Tk1) Ma Rainey (V)
  • Jelly Bean Blues (Tk2) Ma Rainey (V)
  • Countin' The Blues (Tk3) Ma Rainey (V)
  • Mandy, Make Up Your Mind (Tk2)
  • Side B:
  • Railroad Blues (Tk1) Trixie Smith (V)
  • The World's Jazz Crazy (And So Am I) (Tk2) Trixie Smith (V)
  • Mining Camp Blues (Tk1) Trixie Smith (V)
  • You Dirty Mistreater (Tk1)
  • Come On Coot And Do That Thing (Tk2)
  • Have Your Chill, I'll Be Here When Your Fever Rises (Tk2)
  • Find Me At The Greasy Spoon (If You Miss Me Here) (Tk1)

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