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The Music of Irving Berlin

Audiophile Records [ ACD-21/22 (D) ]    

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  • Annette Sanders
  • Steve Clayton
  • The Jack Manno Singers
  • Rusty Dedrick Orch Featuring
  • Bob Wilber, C & ss
  • Lou McGarity, tb
  • Morty Lewis, ts & fl
  • Ray Cohen, p
  • Barry Galbrath, g
  • George Duvivier, sb
  • Don Lamond, d
  • All By Myself
  • Everybody Step
  • Say It With Music
  • Some Sunny Day
  • Crinoline Days
  • Pack Up Your Sins
  • Lady Of The Evening
  • An Orange Grove In California
  • All Alone/What'll I Do
  • Tell Her In The Springtime
  • Lazy
  • Always
  • Remember
  • How Many Times
  • We'll Never Know
  • Russian Lullaby
  • Together We 2
  • Blue Skies
  • It Always Belongs To Me/It's Up To The Band/Rainbow Or Girls/Shaking The Blues Away
  • The Song Is Ended
  • Let Me Sing And I'm Happy
  • Roses Or Yesterday
  • How About Me
  • Marie/Coquette
  • With You
  • Puttin' On The Ritz
  • Reaching For The Moon
  • Waiting At The End Of The Road
  • The Little Things In Life
  • Begging For Love
  • Say It's Spinach/Let's Have Another Cup Of Coffee/On A Roof In Manhattahn/Soft Lights & Sweet Music/Say It Isn't So/How Deep Is The Ocean?I Can't Remember
  • I'm Playing With Fire
  • May Be It's Because I Love You Too Much
  • Harlem On My Mind
  • Not For All The Rice In China
  • How's Chances?
  • Heat Wave
  • Supper Time
  • Easter Parade

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